Thursday, February 11, 2010

Silly tees and other nonsense to atleast put a smile on your face!

Below you'll see some of the silly, to down right funny designs, created by some of Zazzle's best. Some I had a chuckle or two and a few others were giggles and belly laughs. Click on the product picture for more information and while you're there, browse the seller's store.

It's fun to wear something a little silly or funny sometimes. Who hasn't seen the tag on pillows, bedding or furniture "Do not remove under penalty of law" and why don't we remove them? Are there special "Do not remove under penalty of law" forces that will show up on our door step to arrest us?

This little tag is there to tell us what the contents are. After all, we don't want a new mattress that has been stuffed with someones old clothes or rags. If you're really interested, you can do a search.

Breakdance shirt
Breakdance by standoutloud
Many tee shirt designs available at Zazzle
Sunflower Face bag
Sunflower Face by AbundanceLoveTrip
Create your own photo tote bag at Zazzle
Surprise shirt
Surprise by kikodesigns
t-shirts made by Zazzle
Carneyvore shirt
Carneyvore by kikodesigns
Get t-shirts from Zazzle
You Are A Sandwich Short Of A Picnic! shirt
You Are A Sandwich Short Of A Picnic! by Mrscookie
Many t-shirt designs available at zazzle
Bubble Rap Magnet magnet
Bubble Rap Magnet by ValeriesGallery
Design a custom made magnet online with Zazzle
Pull Your Pants Up shirt
Pull Your Pants Up by JJ_Paul
Many more t-shirts online at zazzle
Where there's smoke... magnet
Where there's smoke... by Spiderwebs
Create a magnet with zazzle

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