Thursday, September 24, 2009

Struggling-Starving Artists

Today I want to talk about starving artists. Not the creative type with oils, pencils, photoshop, myself or much of anything that has to do with Zazzle. I'm talking about musicians.

Musicians have long roads to tow. They hope to make a living doing, what they love most, their music. Most don't become famous over night or ever become famous, at all. Most are specialized in their choice of instrument or instruments. Most have studied music and their instrument for many years. Hour after hour, day after day of practice.

I know a young man who earned his Masters Degree in music last year. He's very accomplished. He's now studying business, to further help him in his music career. Music is a business and must be treated as such.

He had a job that didn't pay so well, after graduation. He struggled to pay his bills. He's a hard worker. After, over a year of struggling, he was promoted. At least that part of his life will get better.

He does have gigs, from time to time. Belongs to a band, that play locally.

He's very experienced in performance. During his college days, he played at receptions, private & public parties, campus gatherings, school functions, plays, concerts, recitals and bars. He also has several years experience teaching.

One of the problems at this time, is getting enough money together to record a demo. Hopefully he can save enough to get this needed demo. A musician is pretty limited without recorded proof of his talent. You certainly can't do much on the internet to promote yourself without it, or anywhere else. Recording studios are very expensive.

I'm sure there are many struggling musicians in the same limbo. Exploding with talent, struggling along, hoping upon hope, things might change, maybe I'll be noticed someday. I guess it is, who you know or just plain good luck or make the right connections. Although, some over night sensations, took 10 or more years to get there.

Be patient, my friend. You'll make it. I have no doubt. Someday you will be an over night sensation.

Getting noticed is a hard job!

Kudos to all the struggling artists...including Zazzlers. Most of us work 10 & 12 hours a day for part time wages. Maybe someday we will be noticed, too.

...later, Vickie

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  1. Hoping the best for your friend. I shot a photo in Chicago of some starving artists.